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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2018

Usually, when you think of your PC, it is impossible to imagine it without a keyboard and a mouse. And probably the mouse that you are imagining is a simple pointing device with two buttons and a scroll wheel on top and a sensor at the bottom. It looks like it is not as simple as that, as nowadays the demands on the mice’s design, performance and functionality have managed to create a whole industry. The requirements are even higher when it comes to gaming mice, and fortunately, these needs have been satisfied, even to the point where gamers have been a little bit spoiled with the choice of gaming mice.

Wireless Gaming Mice 2018

You are now able to choose between getting a wired or wireless gaming mouse, and still have full control, whether it is in an FPS, MMO, MOBA or whatever game genre you are playing.

Here we have decided to get into details in regards of the wireless gaming mice available on the market right now. We hope that you will be able to pick the best wireless gaming mouse for your needs by the end of this post.

Razer Naga Epic ChromaThe wireless mouse connects to the computer via USB or Bluetooth. Of course, both means
have their pros and cons, but anyway, they help you reduce the cable clutter on your desk and give the flexibility to use your mouse from even across the room. Most wireless mice are connected to your PC through the standard 2.4GHz USB dongle that uses the same wireless frequency as Wi-Fi Internet and mobile phones. Bluetooth connection is not as popular nowadays as it can’t reach the levels of battery life of a wireless mouse with a USB dongle.

Here is a short comparison of the top 7 best wireless gaming mice:

Steel Series Sensei Wireless

Steel Series Sensei - Best ambidextrous gaming mouse - it is an excellent looking wireless gaming mouse with great ergonomic design and glowing in the dark. It has a laser sensor with a cutting edge precision and eight programmable buttons. It is one of the greatest mice you can lay your hands on, but it comes at a price.


Razer Ouroboros Elite – The Ambidextrous - This mouse is exactly what it says - perfect ambidextrous design with side panels that can be detached and an adjustable palm rest. This mouse is made to fit any grip. The Razer Ouroboros Elite is very accurate in wired and in wireless mode, and it is equipped with 11 programmable buttons. Unfortunately, the price is a bit high.


Razer Orochi Elite - This wireless gaming mouse is one that uses Bluetooth 4.0. It is sleek and aimed for ambidextrous gamers. It comprises of 7 buttons which you can program independently by using Razer Synapse and also has an onboard memory to store profiles. The sensor is Razer precision 4D laser that gives you the opportunity to set sensitivity from 200 to 8200 DPI.

Razer Mamba Review

Razer Mamba  - Best RTS mouse - Wireless Mouse for Intense Gameplay - another wireless gaming mouse that is dual mode. The Razer Mamba is one of the most versatile mice you could find. The levels of customization are endless with ten programmable buttons. It is a good looking mouse, although it is designed for right-handed use only.


Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse for Gaming - The staggering 250 hours of battery life are unprecedented so far. Super customizable with 11 programmable buttons. This mouse is also a wireless gaming mouse with top accuracy in any mode.

Logitech G700S review

Logitech G700s Rechargeable Mouse - A real beauty of a mouse. Using the Delta Zero technology for high precision, which is the same as Logitech G602. It is packed with 13 programmable buttons, quick connect that switches from wireless to wired in no time and has onboard memory.

razer naga epic mmo review

Razer Naga Epic MMO – Best Wireless Gaming mouse. It is also a dual-mode mouse that has zero downtime when changing from wireless to wired mode. The accuracy is outstanding, and it has detachable side panels to fit all type of grips. The greatest thing is that it has 17 programmable buttons, which are optimized for MMO but can be easily remapped and assigned with macros.

After we have established the basics of wireless connection, it's nice to know what to look for when on the hunt for the best wireless gaming mouse. Of course, most of the criteria we will mention concern wired gaming mice as well, but there are some differences too.

  • CPI means counts per inch and often can be seen as DPI (dots per inch). It shows the number of times the mouse’s sensor reads the tracking surface (mouse pad, desk, etc.) for every inch it has been moved. If your CPI is set to low, you will have to move your mouse further to move the cursor on the screen. Recently almost every good model of wired or wireless gaming mouse comes with buttons that allow you to adjust the sensitivity and you can also do it while in play depending on the genre of your game.

  • Acceleration means that the faster you move your mouse, the speed of your cursor will increase. What this means is that the movement of your cursor gets to be variable and not entirely predictable. Getting used to playing with acceleration might take some time, but the benefit is worth the effort. Some gamers prefer playing this way, and some prefer to remove acceleration, as this makes the cursor consistent and stable and gives the players better control.

  • Programmable buttons and software. Here the things are pretty clear - the more programmable buttons, the better. Of course, it all depends on your favorite genre, and if you are into MMOs, then you would be looking for as many programmable buttons as possible. The software is essential as far as you can easily assign your hotkeys and store your profiles.

  • Grip and design. The grip usually refers to the way you hold the mouse. There are three general types of grip: palm, claw, and fingertip. Some mice are designed with a particular kind of grip in mind, however, what is important is that the mouse feels natural and comfortable. This is an important aspect when on the hunt for your best gaming mouse as your wrist might get fatigued, or even your arm cramped in an intense gaming session.

And now it’s time for the criteria that make the difference between a wired and a wireless gaming mouse:

  • Weight. Now here comes the difference between a wired and a wireless gaming mouse. Usually, a wireless gaming mouse would be heavier than a wired one because the batteries are incorporated into the body. This is not a valid reason to be put off by going for a wireless gaming mouse, but exactly the opposite - a heavier mouse provides you with better balance and control over it. Then again, it always comes down to personal preferences, but no gamer would say no to a great wireless gaming mouse just because it weighs few grams more than a wired one.

  • Battery life. No need to say that this is crucial for every wireless gaming mouse. The longer the battery life, the better. Logitech G602 is the first wireless gaming mouse to offer even up to 250 hours of battery life. However, there are a few brands that stay on the safe side and provide the option to use your mouse wired. If that is the case, what you should be looking for is a zero downtime when switching from wireless to wired.

  • Distance from the receiver. Not that this is a problem, but if gamers are demanding on so many different things like design, comfort, CPI, accuracy, performance, acceleration, number of buttons, software, weight and battery life... why not ask for a longer distance from the receiver? Some manufacturers also offer included in the package with your gaming mouse, an extension cable for the receiver to increase the range.

    We hope this article has helped you with your hunt for the right wireless mouse and would appreciate if you want to check out our Wired gaming mouse article as well.

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