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Turtle Beach Grip 300 Review

Turtle Beach Grip 300

Turtle Beach Grip 300 is the best cheap gaming mouse of 2017

Turtle Beach Grip 300

If you are a medium level gamer and you do not need a fancy gaming mouse, or you just tend to simplify your peripherals without spending a little fortune on them, then you are looking for our choice of best cheap gaming mouse- TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300. This mouse sells for under $40 and it offers some level of customization, without the need to mess around with drivers and software. It is accurate and small enough to be your gaming mouse on the go.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor type: Avago 3050 optical sensor
  • DPI: 500 – 1750
  • Polling rate: 125 - 1000Hz
  • Size: 8.27 x 2.17 x 8.86 inches
  • Weight: 0.36 pounds
  • Connection: Wired
  • Grip Type: Claw/Fingertip


The TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 is simple, elegant mouse aimed for right-hand claw grippers and it is small enough to keep it as a gaming mouse on the go. Although it doesn’t have thumb rest, it is made out of non-slip, soft touch material that makes the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 very comfortable and easy to keep control over even after you have been using it for hours and your hands got moist.

The TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 is fitted with five buttons including left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel and two thumb buttons. The left and right click buttons are light and offer good resistance and the scroll wheel, together with the logo are illuminated in nice red colour. The two thumb buttons are big and distinctive.

In general, the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 is small in size and it will be a perfect fit for gamers with small hands or claw or fingertip grips. Palm grippers, would probably not find it very comfortable, but it still stays the best cheap gaming mouse.


When you are looking for the best cheap gaming mouse you would probably look for comfortable and customizable mouse. Well, although TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 doesn’t need drivers and doesn’t have a software to help you with the customization, that doesn’t mean it is not customizable. Flip the mouse around and you will find two little switches that will allow you to change the polling rate and the DPI settings. The polling rate actually controls the speed of communication between the mouse and the computer and it only makes a difference for pro gamers in high levels of play. The possibility to change DPI is important for FPS players who switch to low DPI when aiming with long-range weapons. The TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 gives you that opportunity, although you can’t really do it on the fly because of the DPI switch being located at the bottom of the mouse. However, you can set it to the highest setting for MOBAs and RTS games and you will be ok.

The TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 also features two thumb buttons that allow being programmed to perform different commands. Although, you will not be able to assign complicated Macros, you can still assign few skills depending on the game.


We have tested the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 with games from different genres and it performed very well in all of them. It is obvious that if you are a big MMO fan, you would want a gaming mouse with more thumb buttons, but the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 will suit well any game genre for medium level players. We were still able to assign our most frequently used skills in World of Warcraft and the DPI settings delivered in Battlefield 2.

Overall, the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 is a gaming mouse with nice design and precise optical sensor. Having a price tag of just under $40, it delivers excellent performance and would suit any non-professional gamer. In particular, the medium level FPS fans would have a blast with the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300. With all this in mind, you will understand why the TURTLE BEACH GRIP 300 is our choice of best cheap gaming mouse.

Turtle Beach Grip 300 Review


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