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18 things that follow your cursor

18 things that follow your cursor

While searching for games on the web, we occasionally come across small games or fun tech demos with things following or reacting to your mouse cursor. And I thought that it was about time that I wrote an article about it. So let me present some fun little time killers to you, although they aren’t FPS games, they are still fun enough for some quick gaming sessions.  This list of fun things that follow your cursor could both test the accuracy of your mouse cursor and kill some time for you. Many of the games is a bit strange and different, but they are also fun or exciting. Enough of my rambling, let’s get on with the list:

Fun time killers that follow’s your cursor

1. silk

The Silk mouse gameSilk This is a cool free online drawing game/application. It creates horizontally mirrored images which that you control with our mouse pointer. It creates real cool effects and wave patterns and is one of my favorites, with its ease of use and stunning visual graphics. You can easily save your images and share them on several social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even email. They also have apps available for iPad and iPhone.

2. Starfield

Starfield is a cool mouse gameI would like you to imagine that you are flying around in the cosmos at warp speed 7 (Star Trek reference) and are surrounded by endless space. Starfield is a visually stunning game, which lets you enjoy the exploration of the vast and mysterious galaxy. You get the feeling of going to a parallel universe when moving the mouse cursor around. If you try clicking the mouse,  Mouse click also brings some cool effects, that you should try it yourself.

3. Voxels

VoxelsVoxels is a fun browser game is another flash game from MR. Doob, which looks like Minecraft. The game represents three-dimensional space, where you can build different objects using colorful blocks. Click anywhere in 3D space to create, save and share your stunning image.

4.  Things following your cursor

Things following your cursorThis simple game is designed by a Dutch web designer and developer, who likes to experiment with code. The first thing you to do is select the fish or mammal in the case of the Orca and Dolphin, that you want to follow your mouse pointer. At first, you have to choose the fish you want to follow your cursor, and it’s funny because there is an orca, dolphin, shark, Clownfish (The orange fish in Finding Nemo), and pufferfish. In the case you prefer other species, you can suggest your ideas to the creator Conner Smeets, and he might create it sometime in the future. You can move the cursor fast and do some crazy things or just wiggle the mouse to make the whale or the other creatures move. It would have been cool if you could make the sea creature spin, but you can’t have it all. My favorite is the Orca (Killer Whale), but people have different tastes and you may prefer one of the other animals.

As it is a web-based application, you can enjoy it quickly without waiting long, and you don’t have to install any additional software. Wouldn’t you want a whale that follows your mouse pointer?

5.  Small Man chases cursor

Small man chases your cursorSo far this game is the best in our list because it’s funny, interactive and easy to play. The game is all about a little man who tries to catch your cursor, so your need to be quick and move the mouse pointer out of the way as fast you can, to beat this little Asian dude. Keep in mind that you could use other methods besides moving your cursor around while gaming. You can, for instance, hide in the corner to avoid the bombs or sticks, but it’s important that you do not move your pointer off the screen, as all your points will be reset to zero.

Little man chases a cursor is an excellent flash game with a comical character. Play the game and share your results with us! Enjoy the gaming.

6. Penguins

Penguins - The cold browser gamePenguins is a weird little game, but it is a fun and enjoyable game created by aBowman. The winter theme makes it even more enjoyable as it brings me back to Norway my home country. Small penguins are following your cursor through the snow, and you will probably have some fun moving the mouse pointer around while trying to escape the cute but slow penguins. You can also grab the penguins and place them wherever you want but will continue to follow your cursor again as soon as you drop them.

The only thing that annoys me as a player is that things are moving slowly, but still it’s a fun little time-waster.

7. Agar.io

Agar.io is a fun browser game Do you enjoy online multiplayer games? The Agar.io is for you. It’s a totally free multiplayer game, and you can play against several online competitors. Just input your preferred nickname and battle away! The simple goal of Agar.io is to eat the smaller balls and grow to eat even bigger balls.  Be aware of the many hazards around you, and if you hit 3 or more antigens in a row, you will lose much volume. You got to love that it has a leaderboard as well, so make sure you climb the ranks.

I like the game, because it lets you play with real people around the world, and that it is ruthless.

8. Spider

Spider browser gameThis simple game is made in Flash, but it’s well made and is kind of cute. The game is about a small spider, which you control by moving the cursor around the screen. It’s also some kind of six-legged weird creature that is curious and follows your spider around. I first thought it would eat the spider, but no, it’s just curious about what the spider is doing.

9. Staggering Beauty

Initially, Staggering BeautyStaggering beauty game seems to be just an inflatable black toy balloon. It wiggles around when you move the mouse cursor, like those blow-up advertising tubes you often see outside car dealerships, but if you shake it around for a second or so, everything suddenly turns batshit crazy! The colors become psychedelic, the screen flashes and a crazy tune comes on, it scared me quite a bit, as I had my headphones on, listening to some chill music. There is an epilepsy warning for a reason, so if you are suffering from it, please keep away.

10. Many Lines

Many lines browser appIf you enjoy drawing with a bunch of colorful lines at the same time, then Many Lines is a perfect choice. You can choose a fade mode, switch between colors and decrease the number of lines. It can become beautiful if you move the mouse cursor fast over the canvas but becomes messy if you move it slowly, so experiment and find some techniques you like.

11. This Is Sand

This is sandHave you ever tried painting with colored sand in a glass bottle or jar? If you have tried it or not doesn’t matter, as you get the opportunity to do it in This is sand. In this unique browser app, you can create beautiful sand paintings, save it and then share it with your friends on social platforms. It is simple to get started, just choose your color or gradient, then push the mouse button where you want the sand to drop. You could also point inside some of your existing sand piles, and make it burst out like a volcano, which I particularly enjoyed. This game is also available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, so you can enjoy it on those platforms as well.

12. RGB

rrrgggbbb is a really simple gameOk, this is a little too simple for my tastes, but if you want to annoy someone, or just kill a minute, it could work. It is as I previously said simple, and you have only three letters, and by hovering on each one, the game will tell you what color they are and change the background of the game accordingly.

13. Cat Bounce

Cat bounceAnother game I find too dull and a bit stupid, but If you like cats like I do, then you might enjoy it for a few seconds. This too simplistic application shows you a bunch of bouncing cats, plain and simple. Cats are cute and all, but I would have appreciated a bit more things to do. Luckily no cats were harmed while creating the game. If they stop bouncing, you can just pick them up and drop again for more “fun.”

14. Koalas To The Max

Koalas to the max gameThis fun little flash game made by Vadim Ogievetsky called Koalas to the max. You may have played this before as it is a bit of a classic. When launching the game, there is only one big circle, in the center of the canvas. Every time you point the cursor over the circle, you get four equal circles, and this process continues for a while until you have pixel like circles. If you enjoy abstract painting than Koalas To The Max is a great game to create something unique and different using only circles.

15. Touch Effects

Touch EffectsTouch effects This is an interactive drawing application, with adjustable parameters. When you launch the game, there is a cosmic atmosphere, especially with particle tethers and magnetic repulsion modes. I recommend drawing in full-screen mode for the best experience. Enjoy it!

16. Falling dominos

Falling dominos browser gameFalling dominos is made by Coca-Cola and it’s a neat but simple game because many of the dominos are created with colorful bottles. If you like dominos and coca-cola, it’s fun to watch this animation at least once.

17. Lolz

LOLZ - Might give you a laughLOLZ is a very simple application created by Drawball, with a smiley face that changes depending on what you do. You will probably experiment with your mouse at first, and find out pretty fast, that the mouse cursor gives you control of the eyes of the character, and the right mouse click makes him smile.

18. Winning Solitaire

Winning SolitaireTired of never winning in Solitaire? Here’s your solution. The only thing you need to do, is to click the mouse button and you’ll win, every time! Winning Solitaire; just click and win, it is as simple as it sounds.


This list is definitely not a complete list of games and apps with things that follow your cursor, by any means. And I would appreciate if you have suggestions for more stuff to add to this list.


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