Advanced gaming mouse on Kickstarter - The Z - BGM

Advanced gaming mouse on Kickstarter – The Z

The Z tiltable gaming mouse
Advanced gaming mouse on Kickstarter – The Z

Is this the most advanced gaming mouse ever?

$230 for an advanced gaming mouse on Kickstarter that can be tilted.

The Z - Tiltable advanced gaming mouse

Source: Kickstarter

Gaming mice are found in many varieties and shapes, and now it has come an advanced gaming mouse model that is launched with pretty bold characteristics.
Swiftpoints new mouse “The Z” is described as the most advanced gaming mouse ever.
The Z is posted on the website Kickstarter, where it is now seeking public funding. The unique thing about the mouse, is first and foremost that it can both be “flipped from side to side, as well as pivoted while it lies still.

Multiple uses

These two features are meant to act as different control methods in games. The tilt feature can be used in racing games to turn the wheels in the same direction as the mouse tilts or lean from cover in shooter games.
The Z - racing games

Source: Kickstarter

When it comes to the rotating feature, it can be used among other things, to look around in FPS games while running, in the same way as, for example, you can do with one of the thumb sticks when playing with a controller.
Tilt also adds the possibility for many click- commands, in that you can program the buttons to give different commands depending on which direction you tilt the mouse in
The Z - FPS games

Source: Kickstarter

Quite expensive

The mouse has a total of 17 buttons, and four of them, in addition, have a Force Touch feature that detects how hard you press. Thus, for example, you can zoom all the way in with the scope in the shooting game by pressing the mouse button all the way in instead of having to press two times.
As always with Kickstarter projects it remains to be seen how the mouse works in reality , even if it looks pretty impressive on paper. It has collected 177 000 dollars of a goal of 140 000 dollars with 37 days left, so it has at least reached the target.
The price is 230 dollars, so it is not at all cheap. Sales are scheduled to start in December. Read more on Kickstarter, and also see the video below.


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