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Steelseries Sensei wireless review

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless review

We're looking at the Steelseries Sensei wireless gaming mouse in this article. If you have ever come across the SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse, first launched in 2009, then you have already been in touch with perfection. Now things get even better as we have been offered with the same degree of perfection fitted into a wireless counterpart, simply called Steelseries Sensei Wireless.

Steelseries Sensei wireless review

Not only is the Sensei Wireless equipped with cutting edge laser sensor and eight programmable buttons, but it also has a cool looking ergonomic design for greater comfort. We will dig into details in our Steelseries Sensei Wireless review to find out what makes this gaming mouse one of the best available on the market right now.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Soft-Touch Black
  • Grip Style: Claw or Fingertip Ambidextrous
  • Number of Buttons: 8
  • Battery Type: Li-ion rechargeable, RPC AE1102338P, 950 mAh, 3.7V
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • SteelSeries Switches: Rated for 30 Million Clicks
  • Weight: 403 g, 0.89 lbs Height: 129 mm, 5.08 in Width: 69 mm, 2.72 in
  • Cable Length: 2 m, 6.5 ft
  • Sensor Type: Pixart ADNS 9800 Lazer
  • CPI: Increments from 1 to 8200
  • IPS: 150
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Zero Hardware Acceleration
  • Tracking Accuracy: 1:1


The Steelseries Sensei Wireless is one of the most comfortable gaming mice you can come across. It has a simple ergonomic ambidextrous design that fits better claw or fingertip grippers. As usual, it has left and right click buttons and clickable ratcheting scroll wheel. The DPI adjustment button is located just below the scroll wheel, and there are two programmable buttons on each side. The programmable buttons come set to Forward and Back on the left-hand side and Page Up and Page Down on the right-hand side and with the exceptional promise of a lifespan of 30 million clicks.

The Sensei comes with a charging cradle that also serves as a wireless transceiver. The cradle is fitted with a glowing LED indicator, which changes color depending on the levels of battery life. It will let you know your battery is full by glowing in green, yellow to warn you that you are running low on battery and red when the mouse needs to be docked. The charging cradle approach is perfect for gamers who prefer lighter mice and do not like the hassle of changing batteries.

It is important though not to forget to place the Steelseries Sensei in its cradle when not at the computer if that happens, you are offered the possibility to plug the USB cable connecting the base with the computer directly into the mouse and continue using it as a wired gaming mouse. The Steelseries Sensei Wireless uses 2.4 GHz wireless connection which is completely lag-free and the mouse, in reality, is more responsive than some wired gaming mice.

Software and Features

The Steelseries Sensei Wireless is equipped with a high-sensitivity laser sensor that can be adjusted to up to 8.200 DPI and tracks up to 150 inches per second. It makes the Sensei Wireless one of the most accurate gaming mice, you can lay your hands on. 

It doesn't end here; the Sensei has a response rate of 1 millisecond and a polling rate of 1000 Hz (that is the highest polling rate on the market so far), so your Steelseries Sensei Wireless is not only accurate but super responsive as well. The acceleration is set to zero, which means that the tracking accuracy is 1:1

The Steelseries Sensei Wireless comes as a plug and play device, but you can customize your Steelseries features by using the Steelseries Sensei Engine. Both, the mouse and the software support Windows (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) and Mac (Mac OS X) operating systems.The software is pretty straightforward and easy to use and offers you the possibility to adjust the sensitivity and the lift off distance, reprogram the buttons and record Macros and change the Illumination of the Steelseries Sensei. Here is a good place to say that you can choose between 16.8 million of colors to illuminate the base and the two zones of the mouse setting them to solid or pulsating mode, or you can just leave the illumination to show you the battery life in colors.

When we are speaking about battery life, the Steelseries Sensei Wireless offers 16 hours of continuous use or the possibility to use the Steelseries Sensei Engine to switch to the battery-saving mode that pushes the limits and delivers up to 20 hours of continuous play. Of course, if you are in the most intensive game marathon and this is not enough, you can always plug your Steelseries Sensei to the mini USB and continue using it as a wired gaming mouse.


The Steelseries Sensei Wireless is the best tournament grade wireless mouse, superbly accurate and delivering outstanding performance - way more than what you would expect from a wireless gaming mouse. When put to the test, the mouse experiences just a couple of ms lag, and at slow speeds, you can have some drops in tracking. At high DPI and polling rates, the Steelseries Sensei Wireless tracks with almost no jitter, and at some particular DPI settings, angle snapping can be noticed. However, all these are noticeable only when we have been looking for them. Maybe some hardcore FPS fans wouldn’t find the wireless mode of the Steelseries Sensei as accurate for precise headshots, but if you play anything else, the Steelseries Sensei Wireless will be an excellent choice.


In conclusion, the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless is a lightweight wireless gaming mouse, that has very comfortable ambidextrous design and looks great. It fits very well in the dock and delivers great performance, same as its wired predecessor the Steelseries Sensei. The only thing that puts a big question is the price tag. The Steelseries Sensei Wireless is relatively expensive, but if you love the freedom what a wireless mouse can give you combined with comfort and precision, then the Steelseries Sensei Wireless will meet your expectations and make your investment worthwhile.

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Steelseries Sensei wireless review


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