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SteelSeries Sensei Raw Review

SteelSeries Sensei Raw Review

The SteelSeries Sensei Raw

The Steelseries Sensei Raw is a very capable gaming mouse with nice soft touch coating and ambidextrous design. It features great laser 5670 CPI sensor, eight programmable buttons and on-board lighting. The Raw is a stripped down version of the outstanding predecessor Steelseries Sensei. It is simple and straightforward, but delivering the same great performance. It is designed with tournament in mind and all its components are of this grade, all aiming to help gamers win.

Technical Specifications


Steelseries Sensei Raw


ADNS9500 12000 FPS Laser



Best for

All purpose




Yes, White with several modes

Ergonomic form factor


Tilt-click scroll wheel



Yes, 1000Hz




125mm/4.92” (Length) x 68mm/2.68” (Width) x 38mm/ 1.5” (Height)

  • Frames per second: 12.000
  • Inches per second: 150
  • Counts per Inch: 90-5670
  • Cable Length: 6.5
  • Number of Programmable Buttons: 7
  • Number of Buttons: 8
  • Lift off distance: 0.2
  • Switch Life-Cycle (Clicks): 10 million for Left/Right, >1 million for others
  • Hand orientation: Both hands


The main model Steelseries Sensei Raw comes in black colour of the glossy shell and rubberized side panels. There are also a couple of modifications of this main model:
Frost Blue and Rubberized.

The Steelseries Sensei Raw Frost Blue also has glossy top, but the colour is white, the rubberized side panels are gray and the lighting is blue. The Steelseries Sensei Raw Rubberized is all black and the entire shell is made of nicely textured material in order to improve the grip.

The design of all three varieties (Raw, Raw Frost Blue and Raw Rubberized) include the usual left and right click buttons and a scroll wheel. Just below the scroll wheel there is also a button that is aimed for switching between low and high sensitivity levels. On each side the Sensei Raw has 2 programmable buttons which come pre programmed as Forward and Back on the left and Page Up and Page Down on the right.

The Sensei is equipped with a 5670 CPI laser sensor with 1000MHz polling and tracking up to 12000fps. This is not the gaming mouse with highest CPI on the market right now, but it is good enough for great gaming experience. As we have already mentioned, there is a programmable button, just below the scroll wheel that lets you switch between sensitivity settings. The Sensei Raw, the Sensei Raw Frost Blue and Sensei Raw Rubberized are designed as plug-and-play devices, but you always have the option to use Steelseries Engine in order to further customize your mouse and change the already preset sensitivity levels, pick a different colour for the lighting or record Macros. Both, the gaming mouse and the software are suited for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Mac OS X.


The SteelSeries Engine has straightforward and useful user’s interface. Once you switch the Steelseries Sensei Raw on, the default profile loads up in the SteelSeries Engine. From that point on, you can customize everything you want - change the sensitivity settings, assign different commands or Macros to the programmable buttons and even adjust the polling rate from 125 – 1000 MHz. You can also disable buttons, which comes handy when the design is ambidextrous and you might find some of the side buttons actually getting on the way.

To get to the Macro screen, you only need to hit the Macro button from the software’s menu. The mouse and the keyboard are supported for recording Macros with a fixed 15ms delay or also in real time. There is a Manage button that allows you to edit or delete Macros whenever you need it.

The Steelseries Engine is everything that all regular and pro gamers would need.


Due to the high quality laser sensor the Steelseries Sensei Raw is equipped with, it delivers great performance when used as a day-to-day work mouse or for gaming. There are no lags and tracking is great. All the buttons have light action and can go as fast as your fingers can. The scroll wheel is fast, but still retains it’s graduations, without being harsh. The overall feel of the Raw is of a fast mouse with great precision in movements. It is comfortable and suits palm and claw grippers. There has been some complaints about the main Steelseries Sensei Raw model, which comes with black glossy finish and the Steelseries Sensei Raw Frost Blue in regards of being not so comfortable just because of that glossy shell, that seems to get slippery when your palm sweats a bit. This issue has been addressed by the manufacturer with the Steelseries Sensei Raw Rubberized, but we still think that any of the three varieties feels good in the hand and is comfortable to use even in long gaming sessions.

The Steelseries Sensei slides very smoothly on any type of surface, offers solid performance and with its ambidextrous design is a perfect match for every gamer.


Overall, Steelseries Sensei Raw, Steelseries Sensei Raw Frost Blue and Steelseries Sensei Raw Rubberized are all a great choice, whichever you decide to go for. The ambidextrous and sleek design feels great and offers comfort to different types of gamers with different types of grips. This is a very simple and easy to use gaming mouse, that provides smooth sliding, quick movements and outstanding accuracy independently of your preferred genre.

This is obviously the Raw version of it’s predecessor the Steelseries Sensei, but stripped down and without all the bells and whistles, which of course reflects on the price tag. With Steelseries Sensei Raw you will get the same pinpoint accuracy in game, the opportunity to customize the mouse as per your personal preferences and game style, but enclosed in a simple, clean ergonomic design that also appeals to the eye...and all this for just about $40, unbeatable deal.


SteelSeries Sensei Raw Review


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