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Best FPS Mouse for CS:GO

Best FPS Mouse for CS:GO

If you want to be one of the best performers on CS:GO games such as Counter Strike, then having a gaming mouse built for these type of games is an essential buy and we are going to help you with your decision as we have practically tried and tested everyone on the current market and we have made a choice of which is best for just CS:GO and you can read which product it is and why below. You may wonder why our choice is different from the winner of the First Person Shooter category, and the reason is simple, it is slightly better for just this game, but the Corsair M65 is slightly better overall. 

    SteelSeries Sensei RAW Laser Gaming Mouse

The Sensei RAW Laser gaming mouse from SteelSeries is our ultimate selection for CS:GO gaming. So, we hear you ask, “why have you selected the Sensei RAW?” Well let us tell you. First of all, the mouse is so simplamatic. It looks like a “normal” mouse in that respect, but we can tell you it's anything but normal. It is equipped with the usual left and right button with a clickable scrolling wheel and a couple of buttons on both sides of the Sensei mouse, that are set by default to be browser buttons, while the final button on the mouse is designed to switch between the low and high sensitivity presets. It may look basic, but the quality and simplistic design makes it an excellent choice for Counter Strike Global Offensive players. 

The Sensei RAW has a 6 foot cable, allowing enough cable to be plugged into your PC tower and feed it between your monitor and other components. As mentioned, the mouse looks “basic” but here is the kicker, it is fitted with a laser sensor that allows for 5670 DPI with 1,000 MHz and tracking to 12,000fps. With such powerful stats, everything on screen is smooth as silk, no lagging whatsoever, great for CS:GO gaming. SteelSeries Sensei is our choice for best FPS mouse for CS:GO. As It provides up to 12,000 DCPI with its 32bit ARM processor, it is extremely useful in games such as Call of Duty and other CS:GO platforms. If all this still doesn’t have you convinced, the SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse is on of the most customizable devices ever to hit the shops. All of its 8 buttons can be customized to your preferences and you have the option to record advanced macros with its gaming mouse software. The double braided Nylon code stops the wire from tangling and its glossy finish prevents your hands from slipping from the device when things get tough and you start to sweat. There are some famous top gamers that have opted for this mouse and they include: Nico, S1mple, Yam, JW, Emilio and Manic.

Why do we think it's the best for CS:GO? That is an easy one. It is extremely easy to use and switch quickly from viewing and changing weapons etc, other gaming mice can be clumsy and troublesome to do the same maneuvering. It is also offered at a really great price compared to some of its counterparts, therefore, it's a win/win situation. You might think that the mouse is “too basic” and we would say that you are incorrect. We love the simple Sensei RAW!

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