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About BGM Online

At Best Gaming Mouse Online, we are a team of gaming enthusiasts concentrated on providing honest and unbiased reviews on all gaming mice. As technology develops and industries are expanding, more and more products are saturating the market and shopping sometimes might get confusing. Same is valid for all gaming products. Technology has stepped in big time and now the marked is overloaded with good and bad products and sometimes you might spend hundreds of dollars and get to be very disappointed with your purchase, we help you make the right choice!

Mission Statement

Help gamers around the world enhance their gaming experience

We have decided to share our experience and sift through the information for you, in the shape of product reviews. We have tried to make them as detailed as possible and include pros and cons for each product, so that you can actually have the opportunity to judge for yourself and make the best pick according to your own needs.

We have divided the reviews into categories like wired gaming mouse and wireless gaming mouse for instance, so they are even easier to have a look at and we will also include comparison tables between products, so that you can decide on the best product to suit your needs in a glance.

How we test gaming mice

So when it comes to the best mice, we always put them to thorough tests, not only by scrutinizing the manufacturer’s technical specifications, but also by getting into a long gaming sessions in different game genres, so we can have an understanding of the mouse’s feel in general.

You can find detailed description of the tests we run and the things we look for when elaborating a gaming mouse review here.

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